Retrospective Approval Services for Unapproved Building Work

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When you want to build a new structure, the last thing you want is for the process to be long and drawn out. Unfortunately, for some people here in Adelaide, that is exactly what happens when they try to get an unapproved building approved.

We can help get an approval for any structural addition on your property.

What is a retrospective approval for unapproved work?

Unapproved building work is any building work conducted without approval from your local authority that may or may not conform to regulatory standards.

This situation is often revealed only when a homeowner contemplates the sale of property, or a potential purchaser seeks information about the building work that has been conducted.

In some cases, this has eventuated in the failure of sales contracts. In other cases, members of the public may inform the local authorities if they suspect illegal building work has been conducted. A council official will follow up and issue the homeowner with notification.

Approval must be sought for Alterations or Removal of any Internal or External Structural Element such as Walls, Roof, or changes to Wet areas.

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We can determine the feasibility of obtaining Retrospective Building Approval and be able to assess the extent of work required to achieve that goal

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