We are experienced in offering advice to clients who wish to build a new home, or extend or renovate an existing home.

It may be helpful to discuss exactly what you require in your home and how best to achieve it.

You may also want to discuss your budget and how to get the most for your money.

Preliminary Consultation for Building Projects

We can offer a short consultation, 1 – 2 hours, to discuss your project and give advice on design, construction and budget recommendations.   

Pre-Building Advice

This consultation is designed to help you make a decision on the following:  

  • to build a new home or renovate
  • to select a custom builder or project home builder
  • to work out what solutions are available to you
  • to determine what type of house and construction materials suit you best
  • to work out how your needs are satisfied within your budget

Sub-division Advice

We are able to assist with your sub-division proposals.

  • Can you sub-divide within the regulations of Planning SA and your local governing body?
  • What are those regulations and can the proposal be altered to suit them?
  • How much does sub-division cost?
  • What else will be required?



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