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Illegal Building Work

Illegal Building Work Services - My Building Consultants

Do you have unapproved Building work on your home impeding the sale of your property?

Have you purchased a property that has had unapproved Building work done?

Have you been contacted by your local Council in regard to rectifying unapproved Building work?

Would you like to ensure that the building work conducted by yourself or others without approval from your local authority conforms to regulations?

We have gradually become aware that the range of inquiry for our building and consulting services has extended to include an emphasis on building activity that has been carried out prior to gaining the necessary approvals from local authorities, or in ignorance of the necessity to gain such approvals.

The situation quite often arises when a homeowner contemplates the sale of property, or a potential purchaser seeks information about the building work that has been conducted. In some cases, this has eventuated in the failure of sales contracts.

It has become apparent that any homeowner considering building activity, either internal or external, should first seek guidance from their local authority or an appropriate housing authority as to their legal responsibilities.

We have been successful on many occasions, working with local authorities and homeowners to gain retrospective approval for their illegal building work. This entails preparing working drawings for the construction and submitting them for Council approval, then inspection of the work to assess its building integrity and issuing compliance for occupancy.

If you are facing such a situation, we can offer our services to assist in negotiating the legal requirements and delivering compliance.